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US Economy

Patiently waiting

September unemployment figures will reveal whether the economy is really recovering

September is almost over and all eyes are on the unemployment stats.

While we don’t have a crystal ball, one indicator may give us a hint…

Short and focused educational presentations by Natural Intelligence

15 vs. 30 year mortgages

Fixed vs. variable rates

Online bank accounts

Term vs. whole life insurance

How Much Do Age & Breed Impact the Price of Pet Insurance Policies?

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A daily podcast by NPR, with short episodes discussing specific topics in American Economy

Podcast hosted by one of the best financial experts in the US. Predicted the 2008 crisis


The leading fintech podcast covering the global industry…

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A daily newsletter + some breaking news from the leading mortgage news resource

You can get daily mortgage rate updates and news

Rate alerts, company updates and regulation news from the mortgage lending giant


Commercial banking, retail banking, payments, technology, regulations…

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